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HOME BLEND Whole Bean - Italian Roast (Extra Dark Roast) 100% Arabica

HOME BLEND Whole Bean - Italian Roast (Extra Dark Roast) 100% Arabica

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"Italian Roast" is a specific roast level, and it is known for being an extra dark roast. Italian roast coffee beans are roasted to a point where they are very dark and often have a shiny appearance due to the oils on their surface. This roast level results in an intensely bold and smoky flavor with minimal acidity. Italian roast coffee is often chosen by those who prefer a deep and robust coffee flavor.

4. 100% Arabica: This label indicates that the coffee is made entirely from Arabica beans, which are known for their mild and nuanced flavor. Arabica beans are typically favored for their smoother and more complex taste compared to Robusta beans. Italian roast coffee is known for its strong, dark, and smoky flavor profile. It's one of the darkest roast levels available and is characterized by its bold, rich taste.

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