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HOME BLEND Whole Bean - Custom Roast Arabica 'AAA' Cherry 'AAA' Light Roast

HOME BLEND Whole Bean - Custom Roast Arabica 'AAA' Cherry 'AAA' Light Roast

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2. Whole Bean: This indicates that the coffee is sold in whole bean form. Whole bean coffee offers freshness and allows you to grind the beans just before brewing, preserving the flavors and aromas. 

"Custom Roast" suggests that this coffee has been roasted to a specific roast level that is tailored to a particular flavor profile. Custom roasting allows for precise control over the roast to achieve specific taste characteristics.

4. Arabica 'AAA' Cherry: This specifies the type of coffee bean and its quality. "Arabica" refers to the species of coffee bean, which is known for its mild and nuanced flavor. "'AAA'" often indicates the highest grade of Arabica beans, representing top-quality coffee. "Cherry" could refer to the harvesting method, as coffee cherries are the fruit that contains coffee

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